Fashion Photography Studio in Kolkata

Are you searching for a studio to shoot for your clothing business? Then Zebra Studio is your best choice for fashion photography. With quite a good variety of backdrops and setups, Zebra Studio is creative and best fashion photography studio in Kolkata. Not only photo studio, but if you are in need of an experienced photographer, then we can provide you the best team. Our fashion photographers are best for both professional acting and modeling portfolio in Kolkata and anywhere in India.

With very competitive charges you can easily afford to use our studio floors for a minimum of 4 hours to 8 hours and beyond. Our floor in-charge can assist you in your difficulty. Our studio has latest equipments to your ease. We also have separate and attached makeup rooms. To lessen your load, we can arrange you professional makeup artists and stylists to match or contrast your outfits. A perfect fashion photography is the combination of your clothing (or related items) collection, models and their style and appearance. Small or big, whatever be your brand size, we can help you boost your sales with our photography skills and studio service. We are the best studio on hire and are the best in business.


What is fashion photography? Fashion photography is a photography genre with the aim of displaying clothing or related wearable items or accessories of specific brands. It can be garments, textile print. The motive is generally to promote branding in advertisements, or for editorial purpose in fashion magazines or newspaper columns. From outdoor hoarding to digital marketing, Zebra Studio avails all photography service in one roof.


Fashion shoots can be styled in the following categories –

  • Editorial fashion photography is a type, when the purpose is to shoot narrative story of a celeb or model wearing a specific designer or brand throughout the campaign. It is basically for fashion magazines, like Vogue, Glamour, Femina, Elle, etc.
  • High fashion photography involves supermodels and glitterati celebs who are highly stylish and shoot for over the top outfits with crazy poses. The purpose is to grab attention generally for single page magazine ads or billboard campaigns.
  • Catalogue photography is a fashion shoot for ordinary people to promote everyday wear in a neutral way. Examples can be like big bazaar, myntra fashion, reliance trendz, amazon listing, etc.
  • Street fashion photography is images shot on location in everyday environments. It is a lifestyle fashion appropriate for catalogues and editorial purposes, or fashion picture to its own.

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