Male Model Portfolio in Kolkata

Every model needs to be liberal to take assignments with new people every day. Any challenging assignment can be a stepping stone to your successful career. Hence, modeling can never have a comfort zone. Rather, you have to be quick adaptive to people you meet and have to be able to pull of any type of clothing. You only get a handful of chances to make a great first impression on agencies and clients. As an aspiring model, it is very much essential to make an amazing portfolio to kick start your modeling career. At Zebra Studio, we can provide you with required experience, confidence and a complete female or male model portfolio.

You can have all the necessary resources, like makeup artists, stylists and photography team. If informed before hand, we can even arrange your desired dresses. We are currently offering a discount package of ₹4000 for a portfolio shoot. If interested contact us for a detailed enquiry.


Male modeling poses are not at all similar to female modeling poses. Here we are sharing some ideas, but of course the choice is finally yours.

  • Full body head to toe shots
  • Half length poses till mid thighs that mainly focuses on your upper body and arms
  • Clear body shots wearing skin tight jeans or swimwear, showing your physique measurements
  • Close up shots showcasing your clean shaved or neatly trimmed face and photogenic features
  • Casual snaps that can determine your flexibility


  • We can get you a professional makeup artist and stylist, who can make you feel and look confident and comfortable
  • Our photographer can give you tips and guide you in poses and expressions
  • You are free to choose from our multiple backdrop collection and select photos for your portfolio, social media or professional headshots all by yourself
  • We can recommend you a list of agencies that can help you follow your dream

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