Audition Studio in Kolkata

Zebra Studio provides floor space for all types of photography and videography needs. For instance, fashion and portfolio photoshoot, product and Ecommerce shoot, event photography and videography, music and YouTube videos, etc. Chroma keying services is also available. We have both one sided and three sided chroma setup and professionals to help you. Our studio is popular for its new creative and innovative ideas and availability of various props and latest equipments. We are also the best audition studio in Kolkata. You can rent our studio floor for any type of auditions. Like singing, acting, dancing, music, modeling, etc. Our entire three floor space is fully air conditioned with hands-on availability of all your requirements. We are located in the most accessible part of the city.




Learn and rehearse your piece steady before hand

Memorize the night before audition

Freely express yourself and use realistic gestures

Don’t feel shy or use parallel gestures

Choose bold, interesting and motivating piece

Choose classic pitfalls that are bland or boring or any excessively emotional pieces

Prepare a brief piece between 90 seconds to 2 minutes long

Prepare a piece below 90 seconds or more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Create a clear ending

Rush to a quick end

Match and control your voice with emotions that your piece reflects

Make your act emotionless

Maintain a professional attitude

Follow an informal behavior

Look at a focal point

Look at the auditors’ eyes while you are auditioning

Make sure your face is obstruction free

Cover your face with your hair

Dress nice and be comfortable

Wear anything that’s profane or inappropriate

Be confident and be yourself

Be arrogant or tense

Arrive at least 20minutes before your audition

Make your auditors wait

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