Chroma Shooting Studio in Kolkata

Zebra Studio offers the most affordable and best chroma shooting studios in Kolkata. It can meet all your videography needs like advertisement shooting, music video shooting, short film shooting, YouTube videography, live streaming etc. We provide a complete chroma setup that can save a considerable amount of your time and money by avoiding distant travels for shoot. Our best chroma studio on hire avails both three sided chroma rooms and full floor chroma services. We are charging ₹2000 for 8 hours and ₹1200 for 4 hours for chroma floors. We, at Zebra Studio, use green screen layer. Our qualified professional team can help you edit the background as per your requirements, using the right combination of equipments and techniques.


Chroma Keying or green screen shoot is a visual effects technique (VFX) of layering two frames by replacing a specific color with other visual image. Any solid color can be used for the portion for editing. But, bright neon green or blue is preferred most because it is easily distinguishable from our skin tone. The color sheet for chroma has to be chosen in a way that it doesn’t overlap any of the objects or the subject. Chroma shooting is vastly used in movies for background editing with computer graphics programs. It is used when required location or background is not available for filming. The theme could be of fantasy, historical, alien, futuristic, etc. You can see the green screen editing in the bloopers of many movies. Even the news channels and weather reports also use this.


  • Chroma service can save your time by avoiding long travels to film at your desired destination.
  • Our charges are extremely budget friendly.
  • As it is an in-house shooting, you will not get any weather troubles.
  • You will have a plenty of background choices and graphic effects.
  • You can control your studio environment, for instance temperature, noise, lights, etc.
  • With a onetime setup, we have the availability of all the necessary instruments.
  • You can discuss your ideas with our professionals.
  • It is an excellent option for your brand promotion.

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