Best Product Photography Studio in Kolkata

Zebra Studio is a complete air conditioned studio for all types of photoshoots located in the most accessible part of the city. The photography studio believes to be the best products shoot studio in Kolkata. Its entire three studio floors and makeup rooms are highly equipped and quite spacious. The studio is available for rent at the best affordable price and avails the most effective discounts per sessions or at hourly basis. One can even book professionals and use attractive props and setups for fashion and product photography and videography. Our studio allows shooting variety of eCommerce products for brand photography, advertisement shoot, product portfolio or freelance photoshoot to attain recognition and acquire proper reach. Zebra Studio also facilitates chroma services and provides a attractive backdrop options to highlight your products.


Product photography is the realistic portrayal of objects in the most attractive manner that captures its clear details for commercial use. These images are used in print media, online stores, individual websites and social media platforms for the sole purpose of driving sales. Customers now prefer to go for online shopping and find a wide range of competent choices. Then how will your product stand out from other brands? A sharp, detailed and realistic illustration of a product can be responsible for a psychological sense of ownership in buyers. Consumers rely only on those images that appear to be of high quality, are catchy and attractive in the first sight. Hence, product photography plays a very key role in eCommerce and is often the deciding factor in making a purchase.


  • Individual shots with plain background
  • Group shots to showcase multiple items of one brand in a single image
  • Detailed shots are appropriate for focusing on the features
  • 360 degree shot refers to a spherical image that allows buyers to see the entire product from all sides
  • Lifestyle shots is a type of product photography in which models are shot using the product and also showcases the brand
  • Scale shots give buyers an idea of the measurements of the product
  • Juxtaposition is an interesting technique to photoshoot products along with totally unrelated elements