Best Wedding Cinematographers in Kolkata

Here, in Zebra Studio we keep in contact with a good number of quality wedding cinematographers. They are very communicative, understanding, professional and creative. Capture all the precious moments of your various wedding ceremonies with innovative ideas. We provide the best wedding cinematographers in Kolkata. Like pre wedding ceremonies, engagement, mehendi, sangeet, haldi, and wedding day. We can also cover reception or other pre and post wedding rituals. We offer you a perfect wholesome package in the most reasonable price. You can also get exclusive discounts upto 30%, depending upon the location and indoor-outdoor shoots. If you are in need of professional makeup artists, we can also arrange the service for you. You are assured to be linked to a team that you will want to suggest others. Our cinematographers work with full dedication. We can make you your dream motion album in high quality resolution with beautiful, yet sober effects. For any further enquiry, you can visit our office or call us.


Cinematography is an art of blending creative shooting with storytelling. It is a technology used for composing motion picture photography. It involves a combination of techniques – creating a framework of the scene; proper lighting of the set; choosing appropriate camera, lens, and filters; intricate focus on camera angles and movements; utilizing updated shooting equipments and props;  and, capturing a smooth flow of sound or music. A good cinematographer should be very collaborative with his team and their individual works. He must gain an understanding with his producer, director, designer, sound technicians and the models.


Photography is a still snapshot, which is considered as a complete work in itself. Whereas, videography is a motion recording, that is shot from the beginning, till the end of an event. One recording tells only about a single event, and is not necessarily creative, and doesn’t tell you any story. On the other hand, cinematography is filming of an entire ceremony, may be including rehearsals, till the end of the function. It tells the complete story in one video. Photography and videography is something that, if willing to, anybody can do the job through their mobile phones or preferably cameras, using filters and effects of certain softwares. Both are basically a one-man-army job. In its comparison, cinematography is a much difficult and complex task. It is a profession that includes a team, latest tools, related motion vehicles and innovative ideas and perspective.

But, whatever may be the occasion, Zebra Studio has all the necessary facilities, manpower and services that will meet your expectations and vision, in a very considerable rate. If you are in need of photographers, videographers or cinematographers, then this is the place you want to come.