Female Model Portfolio in Kolkata

Modeling in front of a camera is an exceptional art, in which your three-dimensional self is portrayed into a two-dimensional space. As simple as it sounds, it is way more difficult to present yourself. Modeling is a niche fashion profession that not everybody can excel. It is a combination of your expressive skills and persona. One has to work very hard in their body movements, postures, expressions, health and fitness, looking directions, conversation skills and personality development. For a professional modeling career, a combination of all these qualities is reviewed, along with your photogenic appearance.

It is necessary to get to know your photographer and the rest of your team members with small talks, to grow their confidence in you, gain understanding, and create a comfort zone and your space among them.  So that you can earn a chance for them, to be interested in working with you in more projects in future.

At Zebra Studio we provide you with all the necessary requirements of makeup artists, stylists, photography team and even desired dresses, if informed at the earliest. Generally we put up a package of ₹7000 for a portfolio shoot. But for your better convenience, we are offering a happy discount of ₹4000 for this month of August. Contact us for a detailed enquiry.


Though you should always follow your photographer’s words, we are still sharing with you, a few tips to control your looking directions, as additional information to keep in mind – 

  • Look straight into the camera lens
  • A few degrees away from the camera
  • Up or down
  • To the left or right of the photographer
  • Towards the key light of your shoot


  • Determine the type of model you want to be
  • Include a profile page in your portfolio
  • Include your best headshot/portrait pictures from head to shoulder with minimal style and no decors. It will reflect your no makeup photogenic angles and add simplicity.
  • Be versatile with theme and techniques
  • Showcase your figure with body suits, swimwears and other skin touching clothes