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A beauty blog blooming with the Best Makeup Artist(MUA) in Kolkata and also providing great makeup tips and tricks to make you look more beautiful.

Makeup Artist in Kolkata-A beauty blog

It takes a lot of skill, creativity, imagination and experience for correct application of makeup. So the person refer as a professional makeup artist. Get the best professional Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata with the help of Zebra Studio.


Want to showcase your inner glam on your wedding day, in a photoshoot or any other occasion; then make sure you book your Makeup Artist(MUA) in Kolkata from Zebra Studio. Our beauty philosophy is guided by helping the clients to look based on their personality, instead of just blindly copying a celebrity look.

Earlier, when relatives and friends used to do the makeup on wedding days and other occasions. At present, people look for experienced professional Makeup Artist(MUA) in Kolkata. They strongly desire to look the best on the special occasion may it be bridal makeup, party makeup photoshoot, etc.

So if you are in Kolkata and looking for Best Makeup Artist (MUA) then you can get experience professional who are extremely skilled in their job with Zebra Studio.

Guide to your perfect party look by the Best Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata

Makeup has become an important part of every female’s life. Every female wants to look perfect no matter what the event is. They wish to showcase their beauty everywhere they go. Whether she is a housewife or a working women he puts all her efforts to look beautiful. Zebra Studio will be the best option for you who will provide the Best Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata.

Shimmery and fancy look for party

Nowadays, makeup is fun. Makeup Artist (MUA) creativity turns of makeup to be exciting. The smokey eyes the nudes and the glossy lips bring the best out of you.

If you want to stay with your normal look then you can just blend the dot of shimmer into the mid of the upper eyelids. It will really expose your eyes. The same way a bit of shimmer in the midpoint of lower lip will give a focus on your pout. Enjoy your makeup look with the Best Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata.

Makeup Tips and Tricks by professional Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata

Getting a perfect look is not any easy task. It requires proper knowledge and proper practice for makeup to be applied correctly as well as understanding the product and skin type. In this blog of the Best Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata we will help you providing some basic tips by professional Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata to make your look natural and eye-catching.

1. Brighten up your skin with peach or apricot toned primers. These are fantastic for brightening a dull and tired skin, specially for those who have darker complexion.

2. Want to keep your makeup stay for a long duration, then make sure to set your primer with powder before applying foundation. It is a myth not to apply liquid after powder but this particular thing work wonders but remember one thing, applying too much of powder can turn it into a blunder as it makes the foundation look cakey on your skin.

3. Avoid using dark shades of eyeshadows on the eyelids and the water line as they close off the eyes and make them look even smaller. Instead use a light colour in the inner corner and a nude pencil on the inner rims of your eyes.

4. Beauty blender, commonly known as the makeup pouch allows you to access every contour of your face. It is meant to be used damp, allowing for a gentle and smooth application ensuring that the makeup does not look heavy. It comes in variety of colors and mini-sizes.

5. Super dry or oily skin does not make for camera ready makeup! Instead, a clean and moisturized skin does. So, cleanse your skin and apply moisturizer. Let your skin absorb the moisture and make the skin hydrated before you move on to a good primer.

Role of MUA in women’s life

As fragrance cannot be removed from a fragrant flower, similarly, beauty and makeup cannot be removed from the life of a woman. It does not matter how beautiful women are, they have a passion for makeup and looking beautiful which they cannot remove even if they wish. They always look for every occasion where they get a chance to dress up and make themselves look beautiful may it be a wedding, a festival, party, photoshoot for some purpose or anything else.

Women’s  percentage of participation in makeup is used. All women look for the Best Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata. Women have a strong desire to look beautiful and attractive even when they get old.

Women want to look the best of everyone and best of all time on her special day, her wedding and for that she looks for the Best Bridal Makeup Artist (MUA) in Kolkata. She wants to capture the best memories of her wedding in her perfect Bridal Makeup look from starting till the end she says goodbye to her family.

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