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Commercial photoshoot studio in Kolkata

Commercial photoshoot is a genre that encompasses any photos used for a business or publication. “It’s photography that helps sell things. In fact commercial photography is done when a company has a product or service to sell. Through websites to billboards to social media campaigns, there’s almost no limit to the potential commercial uses for photos.

Types of commercial photography:

Although Food photography, fashion photography, architecture photography, headshots, and portrait photography are just some of the types. As well as all type of photos that fall under the commercial umbrella. You can work in a commercial photoshoot studio to produce a unique photography shoot or a photo you took independently.

Meanwhile lifestyle photography predates social media. The authentic look of photos that brands now seek out has transformed the advertising photography landscape. So, product photography is usually done in a studio. And the commercial genre has branched out to include the nebulous. And also wide in field of lifestyle photography, which “has a human element in it, or shows interaction with a product,”. 

Therefore in lifestyle photography, the actual product or service may take a back seat to the environment of the image. The goal is to create an image that shows the product or service seamlessly integrated into the subject’s lifestyle.

What Is Commercial Use of a Photo?

Usually Commercial use of an image entails use in advertising or otherwise promoting and selling a product or service. Therefore for each image you deliver, you can specify the usage limitations through a usage license. When licensing your photos, you typically include a licensing fee. Often, clients can expand their license to different uses or for longer use periods by paying a larger fee.

Commercial Photography Examples:

Photography can be used for commercial purposes to help promote or sell products, events, or experiences. Here are some examples of commercial photography:

1. Entertainment promotion.

Part of a television show or film budget’s marketing strategy is billboards. Every TV show and movie allot a budget for advertising, and part of that advertising includes promotional billboards. That are placed all over a city to convince people to tune into the theater to see a new movie.
2. Travel brochures.

Travel pamphlets can make a locale look like the ideal vacation spot. And when you’re considering taking a trip. These promotional photos can help sell you on a location.
3. Product packaging.

Product packaging photography involves taking pictures of a product in the best light from all angles to make it look the most appealing, and then using that image on the packaging to entice potential customers.
4. Book covers.

Another type of commercial photography appears on book covers. Therefore publishers request specific types of book cover photographs to help sell their books. In some cases, publishers will even purchase pre-existing commercial photographs for book covers.

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