How Zebra Studio provides service in Kolkata?

How Zebra Studio provides service in Kolkata?

Zebra studio is run by a professional team that can guide the entire shoot process; our studio is equipped with all the latest and best Photography & Videography equipments. Zebra studio is one of the best photo studio in Kolkata. Zebra studio provides three floor Studio in Kolkata. It’s unique, highly equipped, and professional at a reliable cost of rent. Our huge stock of various props that attract lot of photographers and videographers for their shoot. We give the Best Photo Shoot studio for rental service in our City “Kolkata’’.

There are many photo studio nearby Kolkata but in our studio we serve you the best service like fashion photography, Product photography, Model photography, fashion photo shoot, Chroma Shoot & Videography shoot.

We Provide Photography studio on rent:

  1. Rental Service:  Zebra Studio provides 3 floor studio services at an affordable price of rent for a particular period of time based on hour and also with a Chroma Studio for green screen shoot.
  2. Equipments:  Zebra studio provides all kind of latest equipments for best photography and Video shoot.
  3. Requirements:  For professional shoot we provide best photographers, fashion designers, makeup artist & models according to your need.
  4. Indoor & Outdoor shoot:  Our studio provides in studio shoots and also outdoor shoots to various locations according to your demand.

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