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Zebra Studio is located in the heart of the city and easily accessible in Kolkata. It is located in Beck Bagan which is near Minto Park, Theatre Road & Park Street.

Zebra Studio is the biggest and highly equipped studio in Kolkata for all your Photography & Videography needs. Its also highly recommended for all your Chroma Shoots, Green Screen Shoots, Music Videos, You Tube Videos, Serials. It is one of most popular Chroma, Video and Photography studios among all photographers and videographers. The studio is popular for it’s new creative and innovative ideas and availability of various props.

The studio is run by a professional team that can guide the entire shoot process, our studio is equipped with all the latest and best Photography & Videography equipments & lights for Brand Shoot, Portfolio Shoots, Bridal Shoots, Advertisments Shoots, E-Commerce Products Shoots, Music Videos, You Tube Videos, Chroma Shoots etc. One can even book the Makeup Studio which is the biggest in Kolkata and six in numbers for all you makeup competition, training, client bookings as a Makeup & Hair Styling Studio.

One of the biggest and best studio of Kolkata which has three studio floors and five makeup studios in the heart of the city, Zebra Studio not only provide you with the latest equipments but also provides services such as sourcing models, stylist, designers, makeup artist and other related professionals and setups.

Zebra Studio is a complete air-conditioned studio for its entire three studio floor along with its makeup studio. Its spacious, highly equipped, professional and the studio rent is highly competitive. The huge stock of various type of props attractive lot of photographers and videographers to us.


To achieve excellence in the field of Photography & Videography Studio in Kolkata


To be a pioneer in the field of Photography & Videography in Eastern India


Our Skill

Chroma / Green Screen
Fashion & Bridal Shoot
Product & E commerce Shoot
Ads / Commercial Shoot
Portfolio shoot
Music / Dance / Youtube Videography

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