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Actually baby photography is the general term for taking pictures of human babies, from birth to about one year of age. There are different types of baby photography that focus on different stages of the life of the wee ones.

Although baby photography is not for the faint of heart. But also requires patience, stamina, a gentle touch and a strong stomach. And if snuggling, shushing and swaddling make your heart hold in absolute joy, it might become your favorite genre of photography! You can specialize in one or two of these or offer the whole gamut. Whatever works best for your business!


This Photography focuses on capturing images of pregnant women. And sessions sometimes include other family members as well.  Also these sessions are also called belly or bump sessions.


The shoot of birth photography is photos and even videos of the birth of the baby. A session typically begins when the woman goes into labor and continues through the actual birth and delivery. And these are documentary style shoots. A good birth photographer blends into the scene and captures images of the story going on around her. Also, these sessions can be long, physically and emotionally challenging. They also require you to be “on call” around the due date of your client. Babies rarely come on demand. Sessions may take place in the hospital or the client’s home if they have hired a midwife.


This photography sessions are lifestyle sessions that occur in the baby’s first 48 hours in the world. And if the baby was born in the hospital, the session can place there. Other families choose to wait until they bring the baby home and photographer her in the home environment.


These photography features images of the baby from 3 to around 14 days old. And sessions can take place in a studio or the clients home. Also this type of baby photography includes wrapping, posing and props. Similarly photographers like to photograph babies as early as possible after birth because the baby is usually still in that sleepy, snuggly phase making posing easier.


This newborn baby sessions are less formal than standard newborn sessions. The images take place in the client’s home .And also focus on interactions between the baby and her family instead of relying on props and complicated poses. In fact most lifestyle sessions also include pictures of the parents, guardians, grandparents and siblings interacting with the baby.


The last stop in the baby photography journey is often 1 year old pictures. And these can be posed or lifestyle images or even a mix of both. In fact a common way to celebrate a first birthday is with a “cake smash” session. Also baby is presented with a cake and allowed to explore and taste its gooey goodness!

Which is better? Lifestyle or Posed Baby Photography?

Neither style is better or worse. They are just different. Some clients may prefer one over the other based on their comfort level in front of the camera and their own personal tastes. Also photographers may also prefer to shoot one style over the other for lots of different reasons.

Which is the best camera for baby photography?

Each baby photographer has their own choice when it comes to the best camera for baby photography. Also the brand, model and price are not as important as making sure you have the right features. However, you will need a camera that allows you to shoot in full manual mode and choose the focal points of your image. In fact crop bodies, full-frame DLSR or mirror less cameras all work well for baby photography, so it’s more a matter of personal preference.

The best lens for baby photography:

Every baby photographer will also have their favorite lens, depending on their shooting style and preference. But most baby photographers have a go-to lens in the 35-50mm focal length and a macro lens for capturing teeny fingers, toes and adorable cowlicks.
In fact if you can afford to, invest in a quality professional grade lens. And the lens that comes with your camera, usually known as a kit lens, won’t give you the high-end images you are looking for.

What other props or equipment do I need to become a baby photographer?

However some baby photographers have a closet full of props to help add character and depth to their images. While you don’t need any of these props, they can give your images a unique look and style. This is a list of some
• Newborn posing cushion or beanbag
• Buckets, baskets, boxes and other containers (for supporting newborns or posing older babies)
• Blankets
• Wraps
• Rugs or mats
• Towels
• Backdrops or cloth to use as a backdrop
• Clothing like dresses, hats, suspenders, headbands and overalls for older babies
• Flowers, stuffed animals or other toys
• Cake stands or washtubs for cake smash or milk bath sessions
• White noise machine or app
• Space heater
• Speed lights, strobes and modifiers

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